Chardham yatra 2019 is about to start

Everybody fasten your seatbelts, because the journey to our God’s Dham is about to begin. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri is the four destinations we are about to cover in Uttarakhand. This is also referred as ‘chota char dham’ means small journey to cover of four destinations (Four Dhams) in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand previously known as the part of Uttar Pradesh is now become a must visit state of our Incredible India for people who like to worship God, for people who like to do adventures and, especially for those who like the both with a extreme desire to travel more and more.

Why people travel?

Suppose you are doing same thing for months, what will happen? You lose interest to do that work, because there is nothing new in there. From the very first hour of the day if you knew that, you are about to do the same task for the rest of the day automatically you will feel bored. On the other hand you know that, if you don’t do this work you can’t earn your livelihood. Most of the times people don’t get the kind of work they want, especially in India, but they are doing for their family, they are doing because they have hope, that from this work they can switch to another work which they actually like to do. The key thing is here is hope and this is the next big thing to discus.

• Hope

Hope is kind of invisible fuel to your Will which tells you, Do One More Time. See people this “one more time” has a limit, all you have to do is maintain consistency, provide fuel to your “Will” so that, you don’t lose hope.

Travelling once a year is the key. See Humans are not machines; but kind of machine, the only difference is that our body is made of bones and flesh. They too get tired. Each part is dependent on one another. The main part is your brain. To control this you need to have control to yourself. A calm and sharp peace of mind can lead to your destiny very easily, but in these days, which is a little tough. People get angry and excited very easily and due to that a lot of diseases come to play.

To keep your mind healthy and functioning properly, sometimes you need to divert your mind to somewhere else to loosen the pressure, it takes daily. That is why people travel to some peaceful place. A little change of place can change your life. It recharges your mind. A proper functioning mind can give you hope, if you hope you try, if you try you will definitely succeed. Now the question is....


How do you get to that place?

Introducing us Dada Boudir Tour & Travels, we are the medium of all tourism in Uttarakhand. To get there, stay there, enjoy there and return back with all of you safely, all you need to do is to reach to our booking points, and book a tour to Char Dham. With our supreme expertise we are equip with everything you need from cars to Helicopters, small hotels to luxury resorts and most importantly a good network of contacts and reaches. We can customise your packages according to your needs. With our years of years of experience we can guide you to, not only Char Dham, but anywhere in Uttarakhand. We are a kind of T & T agency that provides packages to our customers with multiple options. You don’t have to be rich to come in contact with us because we belief travelling is for everybody, you have right to travel, and our job is to get you the quality of travelling you need.

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Thank you & enjoy today.